How to Get Jolteon in Pokemon Go?

How to Get Jolteon in Pokemon Go?

How to Get Jolteon in Pokemon Go

Are you a Pokemon Go enthusiast looking to add Jolteon to your collection? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I will guide you through the various methods of obtaining Jolteon in Pokemon Go, as well as provide tips on maximizing its potential in battles. So, let’s dive in and discover how to get Jolteon in Pokemon Go!

Evolution Method

The most common way to obtain Jolteon is through evolution. Jolteon is the evolved form of Eevee, a popular Pokemon known for its ability to evolve into different forms.

To evolve Eevee into Jolteon, you need to collect enough Eevee candies and use them to evolve your Eevee. In Pokemon Go, you typically need 25 Eevee candies to evolve Eevee into Jolteon.

Using the Name Trick

If you’re a fan of the original Pokemon games, you may be familiar with the name trick. In Pokemon Go, you can use this trick to guarantee that your Eevee will evolve into Jolteon.

Simply rename your Eevee to “Sparky” before evolving it, and voila! Your Eevee will transform into Jolteon. Keep in mind that this trick only works once per evolution form, so use it wisely!

Random Evolution

If you don’t want to use the name trick or already used it, don’t worry! You can still obtain Jolteon through random evolution. After collecting enough Eevee candies, evolve your Eevee as you normally would, and there’s a chance it will evolve into Jolteon.

The evolution process is random, so you might get Vaporeon or Flareon instead. Keep trying, and eventually, you’ll have your very own Jolteon!

Best Moveset for Jolteon

Best Moveset for Jolteon

Now that you have your Jolteon, it’s time to make it a formidable opponent in battles. The moveset you choose for your Jolteon can greatly impact its performance. Here are some of the best moves for Jolteon:

Quick Moves

  • Thunder Shock: A fast electric-type move that deals damage and charges your charge move gauge quickly.
  • Volt Switch: Another fast electric-type move that deals damage and allows you to switch out your Pokemon.

Charge Moves

  • Thunderbolt: A powerful electric-type move that deals significant damage to your opponent.
  • Discharge: A quick electric-type move that deals moderate damage and has a chance to paralyze your opponent.

By combining these quick and charge moves, you can create a Jolteon with a moveset that suits your battling style.

Where to Find Eevee for Jolteon Evolution

Where to Find Eevee for Jolteon Evolution

Common Spawn Areas

Eevee is a relatively common Pokemon in Pokemon Go and can be found in various areas. They often spawn in residential areas, parks, and places with a high concentration of PokeStops.

Keep an eye out for Eevee on your Pokemon Go map, and you’re likely to encounter one sooner rather than later.

Nests and Habitats

In addition to common spawn areas, Eevee can also be found in nests and habitats. Nests are specific locations where a particular Pokemon spawns in large numbers. Keep an eye on Pokemon Go community forums or websites to find out if there are any Eevee nests near your location.

Habitats, on the other hand, are areas where a specific type of Pokemon is more likely to spawn. Eevee is often found in grassy areas, so look for parks or nature reserves to increase your chances of finding Eevee.

Tips for Maximizing Jolteon’s Potential

Tips for Maximizing Jolteon's Potential

Powering up Jolteon

To make your Jolteon stronger, you can power it up using Stardust and Jolteon candies. Powering up your Jolteon increases its CP (Combat Power) and makes it more formidable in battles. However, keep in mind that powering up your Pokemon requires resources, so use them wisely and focus on your strongest Jolteon.

Using Jolteon in Battles

Jolteon is an electric-type Pokemon, which makes it particularly effective against water and flying-type Pokemon. Utilize Jolteon’s electric-type moves to deal significant damage to these types of Pokemon.

However, be cautious when facing ground-type Pokemon, as they are immune to electric-type moves. Consider pairing Jolteon with other Pokemon that can cover its weaknesses, such as a grass or ground-type Pokemon.


Obtaining Jolteon in Pokemon Go is an exciting endeavor. Whether you choose to evolve Eevee, use the name trick, or rely on random evolution, Jolteon will be a valuable addition to your Pokemon collection.

Remember to choose the best moveset for Jolteon, find Eevee in common spawn areas or nests, and maximize Jolteon’s potential in battles. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Jolteon master in Pokemon Go!


  • How do I evolve Eevee into Jolteon in Pokemon go?

    When you have enough Eevee candy, select which Eevee you want to evolve and click the pencil icon next to its name. Rename the creature the following names to get its relevant evolved form: Renaming Eevee Sparky will cause it to evolve into Jolteon.

  • How do you evolve Eevee into Jolteon without the name trick?

    Unfortunately Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon all evolve randomly from Eevee. You’ll just need to choose to evolve them using 25 Eevee Candy, but you’ll want to make sure that your Eevee has not met any of the requirements for the other Eevee evolutions (below) or else you won’t get any of these Kanto evolutions.

  • How do you evolve Eevee into electric type in Pokemon go?

    Rename Eevee as Tamao to evolve into dark-type Umbreon. Rename Eevee as Rainer to evolve into water-type Vaporeon. Rename Eevee as Sparky to evolve into lightning-type Jolteon. Rename Eevee as Pyro to evolve into fire-type Flareon.

  • How do you evolve Eevee into all 8 forms?

    Players can get all eight evolved Eevees with the name trick. For that, they’ll need to rename an Eevee to Kira to get Sylveon, Rea to get Glaceon, Linnea to get Leafeon, Tamao to get Umbreon, Sakura to get Espeon, Pyro to get Flareon, Sparky to get Jolteon, and Rainer to get Vaporeon.

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