How to Get Lucario in Pokemon Go? Tips & Tricks

tl;dr: To obtain Lucario in Pokémon GO, evolve a Riolu using 50 Riolu Candy.

tl;dr: To get Lucario in Pokemon Go, follow these steps:

Are you a Pokemon Go enthusiast looking to add Lucario to your collection? Look no further! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to obtain this powerful Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon. Whether you prefer evolving Riolu, participating in Raid Battles, or trading with other players, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover how to get Lucario in Pokemon Go!

Evolve Riolu into Lucario


Obtain Riolu through eggs

The first step in obtaining Lucario is to acquire its pre-evolution, Riolu. Riolu can only be obtained through 10km eggs, so make sure you have some incubators ready. Keep hatching eggs until you find a Riolu. Patience is key!

Walk with Riolu as your buddy

Once you have a Riolu, make it your buddy Pokemon. By walking a certain distance with Riolu as your buddy, you can earn Riolu candies. The distance required to earn candies may vary, so keep an eye on your buddy progress. Remember, the more you walk, the more candies you’ll receive!

Collect enough Riolu candies

To evolve Riolu into Lucario, you’ll need a specific amount of Riolu candies. The exact number of candies required is 50. Keep walking with Riolu as your buddy and collecting candies until you have enough to evolve it into Lucario.

Use a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Riolu into Lucario

Once you have the required number of Riolu candies, you’ll need a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Riolu into Lucario. Sinnoh Stones can be obtained by completing Research Breakthroughs or by participating in PvP battles. Once you have a Sinnoh Stone, use it on Riolu to evolve it into the mighty Lucario!

Participate in Raid Battles

Participate in Raid Battles

Join Raid Battles that feature Lucario as a raid boss

If you’re looking for a quicker way to obtain Lucario, participating in Raid Battles is your best bet. Keep an eye on the in-game Raid Battle schedule and look for raids that feature Lucario as a raid boss. These raids are usually available for a limited time, so be sure to join them while they’re active.

Defeat Lucario in the raid battle

Once you’ve joined a raid battle featuring Lucario, assemble a team of strong Pokemon that have an advantage against Fighting and Steel-types. Coordinate with other trainers to maximize your chances of defeating Lucario. Work together and strategize to bring down this formidable opponent.

Use Premier Balls to catch Lucario after the battle

After successfully defeating Lucario in the raid battle, you’ll have the opportunity to catch it using Premier Balls. The number of Premier Balls you receive depends on your performance in the raid battle. Aim carefully and use berries to increase your chances of capturing Lucario.

Trade with other players

Evolve Riolu into Lucario

Find a player who has Lucario and is willing to trade

If you’re unable to obtain Lucario through evolution or raid battles, trading with other players is another option. Connect with fellow trainers in your community or use online platforms to find someone who has Lucario and is willing to trade it.

Initiate a trade and offer a Pokemon in return

Once you’ve found a player willing to trade Lucario, initiate a trade with them. Offer a Pokemon that they desire in return for Lucario. Make sure both parties agree on the terms of the trade before proceeding.

Complete the trade to receive Lucario

Once the trade is agreed upon, complete the trade to receive Lucario. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and follow the in-game instructions to ensure a successful trade. Congratulations, you now have Lucario in your Pokemon Go collection!



Obtaining Lucario in Pokemon Go may require some patience and effort, but it’s definitely worth it. Whether you choose to evolve Riolu, participate in Raid Battles, or trade with other players, the satisfaction of adding this powerful Pokemon to your team is unparalleled.

So, follow the steps outlined in this guide and embark on your journey to catch Lucario. Good luck, trainer!


  • How do you get a Lucario in Pokemon go?

    Riolu requires a much higher number of candies to evolve, much higher than any other evolutions in Pokemon. If you wish to evolve your Riolu into a Lucario, you need to feed it at least 50 Riolu candies. Hence, you must save up a good amount of Riolu candies if you wish to evolve a Riolu into Lucario.

  • How do you get Riolu in Pokemon go?

    Riolu, by all accounts, can still be obtained via 10 km eggs acquired through Adventure Sync. There have been a number of notable changes in the mobile game this week, including a brand new season and changes to the Style Shop.

  • What egg is Riolu in Pokemon go?

    Pokemon GO has launched a new type of event called Hatch Days, featuring the Emanation Pokemon, Riolu. During this event, everything revolves around hatching eggs, and 2 km Eggs have a high chance of hatching the featured Pokemon in question, which for this specific event, will be Riolu.

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