Kangaskhan Pokemon Go: How to Catch And Train A Perfect One?

Kangaskhan is a popular and powerful Pokémon in the world of Pokémon Go. Known for its fierce protective nature, Kangaskhan is a Normal-type Pokémon that can be found in various regions around the world. In this article, we will explore the basics of Kangaskhan Pokémon Go, including its type, stats, and moves. We will also discuss strategies for finding and catching Kangaskhan, as well as tips for training and battling with this formidable Pokémon.

Understanding the Basics of Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go

Kangaskhan is a Normal-type Pokémon with impressive stats. It has a high base HP and Attack stat, making it a formidable opponent in battles. Its moveset includes powerful attacks like Outrage, Earthquake, and Crunch, which can deal significant damage to its opponents.

To encounter Kangaskhan in Pokémon Go, players need to visit specific regions where it spawns. Kangaskhan is primarily found in Australia and some parts of New Zealand. However, it can also be obtained through special events or by hatching 5km eggs.

Finding the Best Locations to Catch Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan Pokemon Go

Kangaskhan is known to inhabit grassy areas and forests, making it more likely to be found in parks and nature reserves. In Australia, popular locations for encountering Kangaskhan include Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne’s Royal Park, and Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands.

To increase your chances of encountering Kangaskhan, it is recommended to visit these areas during the day when Pokémon spawns are more active. Additionally, using Incense or Lure Modules can attract more Pokémon to your location, including Kangaskhan.

Mastering the Art of Throwing Pokeballs to Catch Kangaskhan

When encountering Kangaskhan or any other Pokémon in Pokémon Go, it is essential to master the art of throwing accurate throws to increase your chances of catching them. Here are some tips for throwing accurate throws:

1. Aim for the center: When throwing a Pokéball, try to aim for the center of the Pokémon’s circle. The smaller the circle, the higher the chance of a successful catch.

2. Time your throw: Pay attention to the Pokémon’s movements and throw your Pokéball when it is in the center of the screen. This will increase your chances of hitting the target.

3. Use curveballs: Curveballs can increase your catch rate by adding an extra bonus to your throw. To throw a curveball, spin the Pokéball in a circular motion before releasing it.

Evaluating the IVs and CP of Kangaskhan


In Pokémon Go, IVs (Individual Values) and CP (Combat Power) are important factors to consider when evaluating the strength of your Pokémon. IVs determine a Pokémon’s potential in terms of its Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats, while CP represents its overall power.

To check Kangaskhan’s IVs and CP, you can use online IV calculators or in-game appraisal features. It is recommended to focus on Kangaskhan with high IVs and CP to maximize its potential in battles.

Using Berries and Incense to Increase Your Chances of Catching Kangaskhan

Berries and Incense are valuable items in Pokémon Go that can increase your chances of catching Pokémon, including Kangaskhan. Here are some tips for using them effectively:

1. Razz Berries: Razz Berries can be fed to Pokémon to make them easier to catch. Before throwing a Pokéball at Kangaskhan, use a Razz Berry to increase your chances of a successful catch.

Kangaskhan Pokemon
Razz Berries increase your chance to catch Kangaskhan!

2. Golden Razz Berries: Golden Razz Berries are even more potent than regular Razz Berries. They have a higher catch rate bonus and can be used to increase your chances of catching rare Pokémon like Kangaskhan.

3. Incense: Incense is an item that can be used to attract Pokémon to your location. By using Incense, you can increase the number of Pokémon spawns, including Kangaskhan. It is recommended to use Incense in areas with low Pokémon activity to maximize its effectiveness.

The Importance of Patience When Catching Kangaskhan

Catching Kangaskhan or any rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go requires patience. It may take several attempts before successfully encountering and catching Kangaskhan. Here are some reasons why patience is key:

1. Random spawns: Pokémon spawns in Pokémon Go are random, and there is no guarantee that you will encounter Kangaskhan every time you visit its habitat. It may take multiple visits or a stroke of luck to find one.

2. Low catch rate: Kangaskhan has a relatively low catch rate, meaning it may break out of Pokéballs more frequently than other Pokémon. This can be frustrating, but with persistence, you will eventually catch one.

3. Limited availability: Kangaskhan is primarily found in Australia and New Zealand, making it inaccessible to players in other regions. If you are not able to travel to these areas, it may require trading or participating in special events to obtain one.

How to Train Your Kangaskhan for Battle in Pokemon Go

Kangaskhan battle

Once you have caught a Kangaskhan, it’s time to train and level it up for battles. Training your Kangaskhan effectively requires the use of Stardust and Candy, which are resources obtained through catching Pokémon and hatching eggs.

To level up your Kangaskhan, you can power it up using Stardust and evolve it using Kangaskhan Candy. Powering up your Kangaskhan will increase its CP and make it stronger in battles, while evolving it will unlock new moves and potentially increase its stats.

It is important to use Stardust and Candy wisely, as they are limited resources. Focus on leveling up Kangaskhan with high IVs and CP to maximize its potential in battles.

Understanding Kangaskhan’s Strengths and Weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Kangaskhan, being a Normal-type Pokémon, has strengths and weaknesses against different types of Pokémon. Understanding these strengths and weaknesses can give you an advantage in battles. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Strong against: Kangaskhan is strong against Ghost-type Pokémon, as Normal-type moves are super effective against them. It is also resistant to Ghost-type moves.

2. Weak against: Kangaskhan is weak against Fighting-type Pokémon, as Fighting-type moves are super effective against Normal-types. It is also vulnerable to Rock-type moves.

3. Neutral matchups: Kangaskhan has neutral matchups against most other types, meaning it neither deals nor receives extra damage from them.

Best allies Worst enemies
Groudon Tyranitar
Excadrill Rhyperior
Machamp Gyarados
Metagross Kyogre
Mamoswine Groudon

Choosing the Right Moveset for Your Kangaskhan in Pokemon Go

Kangaskhan has a variety of moves to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the best moveset for your Kangaskhan, consider its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the type of battles you plan to participate in.

Some recommended moves for Kangaskhan include Outrage, Earthquake, Crunch, and Power-Up Punch. Outrage and Earthquake are powerful STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves that deal significant damage, while Crunch provides coverage against Psychic-type Pokémon. Power-Up Punch can be useful for increasing Kangaskhan’s Attack stat during battles.

Tips for Evolving Your Kangaskhan and Maximizing Its Potential in Pokemon Go

Kangaskhan guide

Evolving your Kangaskhan can unlock new moves and potentially increase its stats. To evolve Kangaskhan, you will need Kangaskhan Candy, which can be obtained through catching Kangaskhan or by hatching Kangaskhan from eggs.

When evolving Kangaskhan, it is important to consider its IVs and CP. Evolving a Kangaskhan with high IVs and CP will result in a stronger evolved form. Additionally, make sure to choose the moveset that best suits your battling style and the type of battles you plan to participate in.

To maximize your Kangaskhan’s potential in battles, continue to train and level it up using Stardust and Candy. Participate in raids and battles to earn more resources and strengthen your Kangaskhan even further.

Conclusion on Kangaskhan Pokemon Go

Kangaskhan is a powerful and sought-after Pokémon in Pokémon Go. By understanding its type, stats, and moves, as well as employing effective strategies for finding and catching it, you can add this formidable Pokémon to your collection.

With patience and persistence, you can train and evolve your Kangaskhan to maximize its potential in battles. So get out there, explore the world, and catch yourself a Kangaskhan!

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