Sandy Shocks: Unexpected Dangers Lurking in the Desert

Sandy Shocks is a Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IX. It is a dual-type Electric/Ground Paradox Pokémon that resembles an ancient version of Magneton. It has a body composed of three units that have yellow eyes and magnets.

It walks on two of its magnets and has a tail made of screws. It has an ability called Protosynthesis, which allows it to heal itself in Electric Terrain or Sandstorm.

tl;dr: Sandy shocks Pokemon

What is Sandy Shocks?

What is Sandy?

Sandy Shocks is very rare and elusive, and there are no records of it being caught by anyone. Some scientists believe that it is a Magneton that has lived for 10,000 years and adapted to the harsh environment of Paldea’s arid regions. It is said to have an aggressive disposition and to attack anyone who approaches it.

It also appears in the Scarlet Book, a mysterious tome that contains information about ancient and legendary Pokémon.

Effects of Sandy’s shock on Pokemon

Effects of Sandy's shock on Pokemon


One of the primary effects of Sandy Shocks is paralysis. When a Pokemon is paralyzed, it becomes unable to move temporarily. This can be a significant disadvantage in battles, as paralyzed Pokemon have a chance of being unable to attack or defend themselves.

Decreased accuracy

It can also cause a decrease in a Pokemon’s accuracy. This means that their attacks are more likely to miss their target. It becomes challenging for Pokemon to land their moves accurately, reducing their overall effectiveness in battles.


In addition to paralysis and decreased accuracy, Sandy Shocks can also directly damage Pokemon. The electric currents can inflict damage upon contact, further weakening the affected Pokemon.

Types of Pokemon affected by Sandy Shocks

Types of Pokemon affected by Sandy's shock

Electric-type Pokemon

Electric-type Pokemon are particularly vulnerable to Sandy Shocks due to their inherent weakness to electric attacks. The combination of the sandstorm and electric currents can deal significant damage to these Pokemon.

Flying-type Pokemon

Flying-type Pokemon are also susceptible to Sandy Shocks. The electric currents can disrupt their ability to fly and maneuver effectively, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

Water-type Pokemon

Water-type Pokemon, despite their resistance to electric attacks, can still be affected by Sandy Shocks. The combination of the sandstorm and electric currents can weaken their defenses and hinder their ability to battle effectively.

Strategies to counter Sandy Shocks

Strategies to counter Sandy's shock

Using Ground-type Pokemon

Ground-type Pokemon are immune to electric attacks, making them an excellent choice to counter. Their immunity allows them to withstand the electric currents and fight back effectively.

Using moves that protect against paralysis

Certain moves, such as “Rest” or “Refresh,” can help protect Pokemon from paralysis. These moves can heal the effects of paralysis or prevent it from occurring in the first place, giving Pokemon a better chance in battles against.

Using moves that increase accuracy

Moves like “Hone Claws” or “Lock-On” can increase a Pokemon’s accuracy, counteracting the decreased accuracy caused by Sandy. By improving their aim, Pokemon can land their attacks more reliably and increase their chances of victory.



In conclusion, Sandy Shocks can have detrimental effects on other Pokemons. Paralysis, decreased accuracy, and damage are some of the consequences of encountering Sandy. Electric-type, flying-type, and water-type Pokemon are particularly vulnerable to this shock.

However, by utilizing strategies such as using ground-type Pokemon or moves that protect against paralysis and increase accuracy, trainers can effectively counter Sandy Shocks and improve their chances of success in battles.


  • What is the Sandy Shocks version of Pokémon?

    Sandy Shocks (Japanese: スナノケガワ Sunanokegawa) is a dual-type Electric/Ground Paradox Pokémon introduced in Generation IX. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, but it appears to be an ancient relative of Magneton.

  • What is Sandy Shocks based on?

    It is a robotic Pokémon with a body composed of three units that resemble ancient versions of Magnemite, all of which have yellow eyes.

  • Is Sandy Shocks a version exclusive?

    It, which is a Paradox variant of Magneton, is a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet.

  • Is it past or future?

    As a mon exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, it is a part of the roster of Past Paradox Pokemon. According to the Pokedex, it’s said to have existed for 10,000 years which has called into question the true origins of this evolutionary line once thought to be man-made.

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